Bring a friend and pyjama week!

For the last week of Term 3, I am opening up all classes for students to bring a friend along for the lesson. There is no charge associated with bringing a friend, so please feel free to participate and give one of your child’s friends the opportunity to try out what we have to offer. It will also be a pyjama week so all the kids are welcome to wear pyjamas to Gymnastics instead of their regular clothes!

The event will be held on the week of the 23rd of September and continue through until the 29th. We normally hold a pyjama week every year and I have had quite a few requests from the kids to have one soon as we have yet to hold one this year. I am hoping that by the end of term it is starting to warm up a little bit.

The other event happening this week is our “Bring a friend” initiative. The idea behind this is to give as many kids as possible in the Goulburn area the opportunity to try Gymnastics and see if they enjoy this wonderful sport. I am a huge advocate for everyone trying Gymnastics at least once in their life due to how many amazing benefits are associated with participating in the sport.

Gymnastics is known as the “Start Here, Go Anywhere” sport. There are a number of scientifically proven health benefits to Gymnastics, which you can read more about here https://www.stk-sport.co.uk/gymnastics-science-health-benefits-of-gymnastics.html and if you are so inclined, you can also have a read of this in-depth study written by the Motor Behaviour Research Laboratory at the University of Utah https://usagym.org/pages/home/publications/technique/1999/3/whygymnastics.pdf .

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