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Invert Gymnastics is a company designed around being able to provide the highest quality sport coaching to the local community. The idea behind Invert Gymnastics was to reinvigorate the recreational and competitive sporting scene in Goulburn and the surrounding areas. Gymnastics is the kind of sport that anybody can pick up, and no matter how far they take it they will always leave with some improvement that will benefit them later on in life, whether that be in a different sport or just in their everyday activities.

With Coach Vaughn having a competitive background in a multitude of different sports, ranging from NRL to Judo and even All-Star Cheerleading (not the pom-poms!) at National and International levels. It is his goal to put the Southern Tablelands back on the map as a sporting community to be reckoned with. Moreover, with a highly successful levels gymnastics team that continues to grow exponentially, that goal is well on its way to realisation.


Phone: 0400 665 231
Email: vaughn@invertgymnastics.com.au
1A Gulson Street,
Goulburn, NSW, 2580
(Enter off Copford Road)