A bit about us


  1. Excellence in Coaching: We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality sports coaching to our community. Our experienced coaches use effective methodologies to ensure every participant gains valuable skills.
  2. Community Revitalization: Our mission is to reinvigorate both the recreational and competitive sporting scenes in Goulburn and the surrounding areas. We believe in fostering a vibrant, active community through sports.
  3. Inclusive and Accessible: The programs at Invert Sports Centre are for everyone, regardless of ability, or prior experience. We strive to create a welcoming environment where anyone can participate and enjoy the benefits of sports.
  4. Personal Growth and Development: We believe in the power of sports to enhance lives. Regardless of how far participants choose to take their sports training, we ensure they leave with improved skills and experiences that will benefit them in other sports, their everyday activities, and beyond.
  5. Lifelong Learning: We instill a lifelong love of fitness and sports in our participants, encouraging continuous learning and growth. Our programs are designed to inspire, motivate, and challenge individuals to reach their full potential.